Editing an existing integration's API access list

You can add or remove identities from existing API application integrations. Sometimes, additional identities need to be added after you've already created an integration. And sometimes you might need to remove identities for whom you no longer want grants to be issued for the associated APIs

IMPORTANT  Removing identities doesn't affect existing grants or tokens for the API application but only limits the identities you've removed from getting new grants to the API application. However, you can revoke existing grants for specific users, and you can also revoke all existing grants for an API application.

To add or remove identities from an integration's API access list

  1. Open Aperture.

    If you're already logged into a Venafi console, use the Product Switcher to avoid having to open another browser tab or window and log in again.

  1. Click Configuration > API Application Integrations.
  2. Select the application name for the integration you want to edit, and then click Edit Access.
  3. In Identities with Access, add or remove identities.
  4. When you're finished, click Save.

    The number of people who currently have access to the integration, appears in the Access Granted column of the API Application Integrations page.

TIP  If you want to remove access immediately for a user or group, you can revoke their grants and tokens. For more information, see Revoking group or user grants and tokens .