Unified menu bar and SSO

We're building towards a single, unified administration console. In versions prior to 21.2, you might switch between the Aperture and WebAdmin consoles to perform different functions. You used the Product Switcher to move between consoles with single sign-on (SSO) keeping you in logged in to both.

Starting in 21.2, the Product Switcher allows you to select between installed Venafi products (e.g. TLS Protect, SSH Protect, etc.). Depending on the menu item you click, you will be directed to the correct interface. Each product has its own custom menu that helps you with the tasks related to that product.

If you've been using a version of Venafi Platform older than 21.2, you may need to make some adjustments based on these new menus. For example, the menus can be customized by both users and system administrators.

If you are looking for the features that were in the console we called WebAdmin, look for the Policy Tree menu item, which is where these features continue to live while they are being moved to the individual products.

When working with the menus, be aware of the following:

  1. Click any of the menu items to access sub-menus.

    If you don't see a menu or sub-menu item, it's because your user account doesn't have access to items, or because your administrator has turned off that menu item by default. (For more information about custom menus, see Customizing product menus.)

    For example, in TLS Protect, you only see the Certificate Inventory if you have read or view access to certificates.

  2. Type the first few characters of any asset in the Global Search to get an automatic preview of results. If there are more than a few results, the Show All Results option lets you see all discovered items in a list view.

  3. To switch between products use the Product Switcher.

    What you see on the Product Switcher depends on your user account and which products you have licensed and installed. For example, master administrators see TLS Protect and Platform; Other products that are part of the suite, but are not licensed are shown in the Product Switcher with "Learn More" links, allowing you to learn more about other products that can enhance your machine identity protection processes.

  4. Click on the menu bar to open Trust Protection Platform's Help Library.
  5. When you're on the Dashboards page, click the dots below the menu bar to navigate between dashboards.
  6. A responsive layout lets you resize the browser window to collapse the menu bar.

Responsive layout

A responsive layout lets you resize the browser window to collapse the menu bar. When you click it, you have access to all of the options available in the menu bar, user menu, and Help Library.