Creating CodeSign Protect Projects

At any point during project creation, you can click Save. When you return to work on your project, it will appear in the project list in the Draft state. When you submit the project for approval, the Code Signing Administrator receives notification that the project is ready to be reviewed.

NOTE  Only users who have access to at least one environment template will be able to request projects. Access is controlled by the Visibility tab on the environment template.

  1. Log into CodeSign Protect by going to https://[tpp-server]/Aperture/codesign.

  2. In the menu bar, click Projects.

    If there are already projects configured, you'll see the list of projects. If not, you'll see a welcome screen.

  3. Click either Get Started on the welcome screen or Add Project on the project list screen to start creating a new project.
  4. In the Create New Project modal, enter a Project Name and Description for this project.

  5. Click Create. The Project screen opens and is ready to be completed.
  6. Complete the project details using the instructions below.

If you are ready to submit this project for approval, click Submit for Approval. If you still have work to do on it, click Save.

Next Steps for Key Users

Key Users should do the following: