Venafi MMC Snap-In Collection

The Venafi MMC Snap-In Collection includes snap-ins that can be installed on a standalone Windows workstation, so you don't have to be logged on to the Trust Protection Platform server to use them. The following Snap-Ins are included:

  • Venafi Access Management

    Allows authorized users to manage API applications from a remote Windows device.

  • Venafi CodeSign Protect Administration

    Allows Code Signing Administrators to perform code signing administrative tasks without having to sign in to the Trust Protection Platform server.

  • Venafi Event Viewer

    Provides detailed views in Trust Protection Platform events from the event logs.

  • Venafi Statistics Viewer

    Provides extensive Trust Protection Platform statistics.

  • Venafi Recycle Bin

    Allows administrators to configure automatic pruning of outdated database information, and allows administrators to revert some deletions by users.

DID YOU KNOW?  You can have snap-ins for multiple servers, allowing you to easily manage a complete cluster of Venafi servers, as well as servers in lower (development, test, etc.) environments.

Additionally, since identities cannot see identities from other identity providers (local admins cannot see identities managed by Active Directory, for example), you can add multiple instances of the same snap-in for the same Venafi server, but with different user credentials. This allows you to manage users from multiple identity providers, or even see the rights and permissions granted to users within the same identity provider, but with different roles.

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