Using Onboard Discovery

The Onboard Discovery feature automates the process of importing certificates into Trust Protection Platform from network devices where you can then monitor, validate, and provision them.

When you configure and run a new onboard discovery job, applications are added to one or more specific devices automatically. You then have control over the placement of discovered certificates without having to manually update jobs or reorganize certificates after they've been discovered.

By providing Trust Protection Platform with the hostnames or addresses and credentials of your network devices, all appliance certificates in current use are brought into Trust Protection Platform along with required application configuration settings. This immediately puts the discovered certificates under the protection of TrustForce.

DID YOU KNOW?  Agentless Onboard Discovery is currently available for the following devices (Installation Types):

  • Adaptable Onboard Discovery

    You can select this installation type for devices that are not directly supported by Onboard Discovery. You'll need to create your own PowerShell script.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Citrix NetScaler
  • F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Manager (F5 LTM Advanced)
  • IBM DataPower
  • Microsoft IIS (CAPI)

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