About the Adaptable CA PowerShell script

The Adaptable CA driver utilizes a PowerShell script that contains functions called during various stages of the certificate lifecycle.

NOTE  To work effectively with any Venafi adaptable solution, you must have some working knowledge of PowerShell scripting, or you must have equivalent experience with a scripting language similar to PowerShell.

The PowerShell script includes functions that work with the Adaptable CA driver and the CA's own API.

While all of the functions must be presented in the script, only a few require actual logic in order to be implemented.

The input parameters and response format for each function is predefined. All functions receive a set of general parameters whereas those parameters that are specific to the function are only passed to it.

About hash tables

Data is passed to (and returned by) each function using hash table data structures.

A general hash table, which includes a common set of data, is passed to all of the functions. A specific hashtable, which includes data that is applicable specifically to the function, is passed to functions that require additional data. All functions must return a single hash table that includes a result along with any other variables that the function is required to return.

Functions must not return errors; rather, they must throw exceptions in the same way that actual PowerShell errors do. The Adaptable CA driver treats exceptions thrown by a PowerShell function as a fatal error and then halts processing.

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