Adaptable Application

Venafi builds and delivers software drivers designed to connect with many of the most common certificate authorities (CAs), application servers, and enterprise monitoring systems for notification use cases. But if the Venafi Driver Library does not include the driver you need, you can use a Venafi Adaptable Driver. In fact, because they are customizable, you can use an Adaptable driver in place of an existing driver to provide tighter integration between your business processes and Trust Protection Platform.

Adaptable drivers provide a common set of variables required by the majority of applicable use cases that are supported by Trust Protection Platform natively. Some Adaptable drivers also let you define additional text fields, yes/no (Boolean) fields, and a password credential field, which you can then use to elicit different behaviors or to pass additional data to the system or service to which you are integrating.

Adaptable drivers depend on a Microsoft PowerShell script hosted in your local environment to execute functions corresponding to standard certificate lifecycle stages or Trust Protection Platform events.

Important Considerations

  • Remote key generation is not performed in cases where a single certificate is associated with multiple applications through an Adaptable Application driver.
  • A working knowledge of PowerShell scripting or equivalent experience is required to work effectively with Venafi Adaptable Driver solutions.


If you want to automate certificate provisioning, you can configure Trust Protection Platform to install certificates for use by an application server . This is done using a Venafi application object that matches your specific application.

EXAMPLE  Suppose you want to automate certificate provisioning for your MyAppliance server. In the Policy Tree, you would first create and configure a device object for your MyAppliance server, and then you would create and configure a MyAppliance application object.

Finally, you would associate the application object with the relevant certificates used by your application server software.

Similarities between a Venafi application driver and the Adaptable Application driver.

What's next?

Before implementing Adaptable Application drivers, carefully review prerequisites and learn more about the required PowerShell scripting.

For more information, see Adaptable Application prerequisites and About Venafi Adaptable Driver PowerShell scripts.

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