Google Cloud CA Service

When you use Google Cloud CA Service with Venafi Trust Protection Platform, you can simplify your enterprise PKI strategy. There's no need to deploy additional servers; once configuration is complete, simply request a new certificate. As a PKI administrator, you'll have a much simpler way to revoke trust since extracting certificates from certificate authorities (CAs) in your network can be cumbersome. And of course, to keep things secure, you can keep your root certificates in a local CA.

DID YOU KNOW?  Lots of companies are moving workloads to cloud services. Cloud services offer many advantages over locally hosted services, including

  • eliminating the overhead of infrastructure and application maintenance
  • globalizing all of your services, and
  • higher and cheaper availability

With its cloud-based PKI solution, Google enables customers to replace some or all of their existing PKI infrastructure with Google Cloud-hosted private CAs. This in turn reduces their administrative burden and costs. And as a bonus, they don't have to worry about extending their PKI to cloud services to meet certificate needs of cloud-based workloads.

The relative simplicity of a Cloud solution combined with the power of Trust Protection Platform makes system outage prevention simpler.

If you're already a pro at Google Cloud CA Service, this should be a snap. If you're new to Google products, you'll need to know how to create certificate authorities, grant permissions, and create roles. For the Venafi side of the equation, we've got you covered.

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