Enterprise Mobility Protect Guide Introduction

Venafi Enterprise Mobility Protect lets you provision and deploy certificates to your users through either User Agent or the User Portal.

This administration guide provides all the information you need to configure Enterprise Mobility Protect and deploy it on supported systems in your network. It describes the features, requirements and related information about how to install and set up Enterprise Mobility Protect, User Agent, and User Portal.

In addition, this guide describes how to search for users and view the certificates issued to the user, how many of those issued certificates are managed by Trust Protection Platform, and the devices associated with a particular user.


Administrators must know the following:

  • How to install and configure Venafi Trust Protection Platform™
  • How to install and configure the Windows and macOS operating systems
  • Basics of PKI

Configuring Enterprise Mobility Protect is easier if you know the following already:

  • How to install and configure Venafi Trust Protection Platform™

    Refer to the Venafi Trust Protection Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  • How to configure and install User Agents

Refer to the following guides for help with the installation and configuration of Trust Protection Platform and configuring and deploying agents:

  • Venafi Trust Protection Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide
  • Venafi Trust Protection Platform Administration Guide
  • Trust Protection Platform Server Agent Installation and Configuration Guide

NOTE  Configuring and installing User Agents is similar to installing Server Agents. If you've installed and configured Server Agents, including setting up Groups, configuring User Agents will be familiar to you.