Run script and review response codes

Now that your batch file contains the necessary commands to install and configure Trust Protection Platform, you're ready to run the script (with elevated privileges) on each Venafi server. For example, with the batch file created in the previous sections, you could right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator.

Response codes

When running the command line configuration utility, you will get one of the following response codes after the configuration script runs. This list provides the response codes and a description of what the response code means, as well as the action you should take to remedy the situation.



Additional Information


The Trust Protection Platform configuration completed successfully



The specified XML file could not be opened, or does not exist

Check the spelling and directory information to ensure the file is in the specified location.


An error occurred trying to process the XML file

The XML answer file's password might be incorrect, or the XML file contains invalid syntax, or contains unexpected properties or values.


The installation process failed



The system could not detect the installation mode



The system is already up to date with the latest code.

No action was taken. If this is unexpected, verify that you have the latest version of Venafisoftware.


TppConfiguration.exe was called without administrator rights.

Your command prompt must have administrative permissions to complete this action. Run the command prompt as an administrator.


TppConfiguration.exe encountered an unexpected failure (exception)

Error details are written to the log file. Review the details and, if necessary, contact Venafi Support.


TppConfiguration.exe failed to add a third-party trusted signer.



TppConfiguration.exe failed to remove a third-party trusted signer.



TppConfiguration.exe failed to read the third-party DLL.