Downloading the latest version of Venafi Trust Protection Platform

You need to download the latest version of Trust Protection Platform into your enterprise environment, and then copy the files onto your Venafi servers.

To download the latest version of Trust Protection Platform

  1. Navigate to, and log in with your Venafi Customer Support credentials.

    If you don't have an account, you can register at

    If your account does now have access to the downloads site, and you think it should, please contact Venafi Customer Support.

  2. Expand the Trust Protection Platform group, then expand Current.
  3. In each folder inside the Current folder, download the zip file.

    TIP  As of 20.4, all patch releases are full .msi installation files and include all necessary files. You no longer need to install the "dot zero" version before you can install a patch. You can now install the patch directly. All patches are cumulative, so an x.1.2 patch includes the files from the x.1.1 patch as well as the x.1.0 base files.

  4. Store the zip file(s) in your software repository, if applicable.
  5. Copy the installer (and any patch) to each of the Venafi servers.

The next topic includes instructions on installing the software on the Venafi servers. You will need to repeat the steps in that topic on each Venafi server in your cluster.