Install the MSI file from the command line

The first step in using the command line installation utility is to copy the MSI file to your Venafi Trust Protection Platform server, and run it using the following procedure.

To install Trust Protection Platform using the command line

  1. Log in to the Windows server where you want to install Trust Protection Platform.
  2. Locate and extract the Trust Protection Platform zip file(s) to a staging directory.

  1. Use a text editor to create a batch file (*.bat).
  2. Inside the batch file, add the following command:

    Echo Installing Venafi Trust Protection Platform

    msiexec /i "[Staging_Directory]\Product\VenafiTPPInstall-24.1.x.msi" /q /n

    In the previous command, the x represents the "dot version." Refer to your download package and use the correct filename you downloaded.

    NOTE  To enable logging during install, add /L*VX then the path to the logging file. For example:

    msiexec /i "[Staging_Directory]\Product\VenafiTPPInstall-24.1.0.msi" /q /n /l*vx "[Full file path]\install.log"

    To specify a custom installation folder, use the INSTALLDIR switch. For example:

    msiexec /i "[Staging_Directory]\Product\VenafiTPPInstall-24.1.x.msi" /q /n INSTALLDIR="[e:\Program Files\Venafi]"

    For more information on the switches you can use during installation see Microsoft's documentation on How to enable Windows Installer logging.

In the next topic, you will add the necessary commands to configure the platform in your script.