Locking and unlocking policy values

The Root Platform and Module objects are policies. They are used to define and enforce policy settings for subordinate objects in the Platforms tree. Configuration settings defined in the Root Platform and Module objects are inherited by the subordinate Agent Module objects. However, how those settings are implemented depends on how they are defined in the parent object. When you define an attribute within a parent object, you can lock or unlock the value.

Locked attributes cannot be modified in subordinate objects. Unlocked attributes, on the other hand, function as suggested values; they can be accepted or overwritten in the subordinate Agent modules.

By default, policy values are unlocked.

The following graphic shows the policy configuration for the Root Platform object. The Port Validation and Private Key Credential values for the SSH Module are locked while the Logging Threshold and Maximum File Size values are unlocked.

To lock a policy value in Policy Tree

  • Click the arrow to see a list of choices for setting or locking that value.