Before you create and run a new bulk provisioning job

Before you configure a new bulk provisioning job, verify the following:

  • Your administrator must load a PowerShell script for your device type into the \Venafi\Scripts\AdaptableBulk\ folder on the Trust Protection Platform server.

  • Make sure that you've correctly configured each device object in the Policy Tree.

    For example, make sure each device object is configured with the correct host name (or IP address) of the device.

    For more information about creating and configuring device objects, see Device object settings (agent, agentless, and adaptable provisioning)

  • Make sure that your administrator has granted you the following permissions:

    • Read permission to the Bulk Provisioning Manager of at least one Trust Protection Platform engine (Platforms tree)
    • Read access to at least one device object
    • Write and Create access to a folder to create the job
    • Private key Read access to at least one folder containing valid certificates

      Certificates are only applicable to bulk provisioning jobs if they are not disabled and they have a private key stored.

DID YOU KNOW?  The management type of a certificate does not factor into whether a certificate can be installed by a bulk provisioning job. Job options allow you to control whether expired, revoked, or previous versions of certificates are installed.

For more information, see Assigning permissions to an object in Policy Tree.

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