Sign Result Codes

The following result codes can occur while making SDK calls for CodeSign Protect.
SignResult Codes

Error Code



0NoneUndefined result
1SuccessThe operation was successful
2InsufficientPermission Insufficient permission to perform the operation
3CreateFailure Failed to create an object
4UpdateFailure Failed to update an object
5DeleteFailure Failed to delete an object
6RenameFailure Failed to rename an object
7ObjectNotFound Expected one object type but was requesting another
8IncorrectObjectType Operation prohibited on objects with children
9ObjectHasChildren Failed to assign permissions
10AssignPermissionFailure Object was saved and related objects had changes that were not saved
11RelatedObjectNotSaved An error occurred when trying to execute the command via REST API
12RemoteError The requested functionality has not been implemented yet
1000AssignProjectPermissionFailure Project may have been saved, but assigning role permissions failed
1001DuplicateUserAssignmentThe user/group was added to a role they were already assigned to
1002UserNotFoundThe user/group was not found in the role
2000ObjectInGroup Tried to add an object to the group that was already there
2001ObjectNotInGroupTried to remove an object from the group that was not in the group
2002ObjectAlreadyExistsTried to create an object and an object with the same name already exists
3000EnvironmentMoveRestricted Tried to change the project containing an environment
3001ValueProhibitedByTemplate An attribute on the environment does not match what is required by the template
3002KeyAccessFailureAn attempt to access the key in this environment has failed
3003QueryFailureAn error occurred while performing a search
3004ImportFailureAn error occurred while performing an import
3005ObjectsPendingThe key, certificate, or other object is not yet ready for this environment