Deleting data via the Web SDK

In the Web SDK, the way you remove data depends on the object. To ensure data integrity, be sure to call the methods in the stated order:

API calls vary depending on the object you are trying to delete

To remove

Follow these steps

A single certificate

Call DELETE Certificates/{guid}.

All certificates in a policy folder

  1. Call POST Config/FindObjectsOfClass with Classes:[{X509 Server Certificate}], the ObjectDN of the policy folder, and the Recursive = 1 parameter values.
  2. Call POST Config/Read and get the Certificate Vault Id, CSR Vault Id, and Private Key Vault Id.
  3. For each certificate, clean up any references to Secret Store items with POST SecretStore/OwnerDelete.
  4. For each certificate, call POST Config/Delete with just the certificate ObjectDN. In this case, avoid the Recursive parameter.
A device and its associated SSH keys
  1. Call POST SecretStore/OwnerDelete with config as the Namespace and a Device DN as the Owner to remove all Secret Store associations for the device.
  2. Call POST Config/Delete to remove the device from the Policy tree.

A Discovery Job

Call DELETE Discovery/{guid}.