Review validation results

When you enable network or onboard validation, Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ runs daily validation checks and reports the results.

In addition to reporting validation results on an application or certificate, Trust Protection Platform generates a validation error event if a certificate fails the validation test.

NOTE  If validation is disabled for an object (either directly, or via policy) any existing validation data will be removed from the database on the next validation scan.

Validation Status

The validation status is displayed on the certificate details screen in the Validation section.

This box contains the following information:

  • Timestamp. This indicates when the validation check was last performed. This may be updated either by daily tasks, or by kicking off a manual validation for a certificate via either the WebSDK or by clicking the ValidateNow option in the Actions button.
  • SSL/TLS. This shows either Success or Failure, if after reviewing all the validation details for SSL/TLS validation if everything is successful, the result will be Success. If anything fails with the End Entity or Chain validation, then the result will be Failure.
  • File/Installation. This checks the onboard/file/installation validation of all provisioning applications. If all are successful, then this will show Success. If any fail, then this will be shown as a Fail. If all provisioning applications are basic applications, then this will show No validation results.
  • State. The state is represented by the icon. This state shows the overall validation status of the certificate. If both SSL/TLS and File/Installation validation types are successful, this will show Success. If either SSL/TLS OR File/Installation validation types failed, this will show Fail.

To kick off an instant validation of both SSL/TLS and File/Installation validation, click the Validate Now option in the Actions button.

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