Venafi Configuration Console

The Venafi Configuration Console (VCC) provides an overview of your system, and allows you to control and configure many aspects of your Venafi Trust Protection Platform installation.

Using this console, you can manage configuration items from the following categories:

  • Attention Required: View a consolidated summary of issues that require your attention.
  • Database. View and edit the database connection information.
  • Product. Enable, disable, remove, and add Venafi Platform components and edit licenses.
  • Connectors. View, add, edit, and remove connectors, including encryption connectors, identity connectors, and credential connectors (e.g. CyberArk).
  • System Roles: View and assign current Master Admin, Auditor, and Code Signing Administrator users.
  • Authentication: Create and manage third-party authentication methods (e.g. SAML).
  • Code Signing: Create, edit, and delete templates and configuration options to be made available when code signing projects are requested. This node requires a Venafi CodeSign Protect license. See the CodeSign Protect administration steps for details.
  • Events: View logs of Trust Protection Platform events and create custom views of events. See Venafi Event Viewer for details.
  • Statistics: View detailed statistics of Trust Protection Platform activity and performance. See Venafi Statistics Viewer for details.

The configuration console is based on the Microsoft Management Console, providing a familiar interface for Windows administrators to accomplish system maintenance tasks.

The left panel shows the nodes you can interact with. The center panel shows information about the selected node. The right panel shows actions you can take on a selected item.

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