Upgrade using the command line

When you run the command line utility, the system checks to see if this is a new installation on the Venafi Trust Protection Platform server, or if this is an upgrade of existing software.

The process to upgrade the existing software using the command line is the same as for installing using the command line. Please refer to the command line installation instructions for details on how to script the installation and configuration of Trust Protection Platform. See Command line installation and configuration.

NOTE  You need to have installed the MSI on the Venafi Trust Protection Platform server either as a manual step, or using a script.

To upgrade using the command line utility

  1. On each Venafi Trust Protection Platform server download the 22.4 quarterly (or patch) release of Trust Protection Platform, and extract the zip file.

  2. Open an elevated command prompt, and run the MSI file using the following command:

    msiexec /i "[Staging_Directory]\Product\VenafiTPPInstall-22.4.x.msi" /q /n

    The x in the previous command represents the "dot version." For the quarterly release, the "dot version" is 0. For patches, it is a number greater than 0.

    You do not need to install a quarterly release before you can install a patch; we recommend installing the latest patched version of Venafi Platform.

    For example, if you are installing version 22.4.1, use the following command:

    msiexec /i "[Staging_Directory]\Product\VenafiTPPInstall-22.4.1.msi" /q /n

  3. From the command prompt browse to the Venafi\Platform directory.

    If you installed Trust Protection Platform in the default location, you would browse to the following location:

    C:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform

  4. Run the configuration utility (TPPConfiguration.exe) with the -install switch.

    TppConfiguration.exe -install:C:\answerfile.xml -password:[encrypted answer file password]