Command line installation and configuration

You don't need to use the GUI configuration wizard to install or upgrade Trust Protection Platform. The platform includes a utility that allows you to work directly from the command line, and more importantly, allows you to script installation and configuration for a Venafi Trust Protection Platform server.

Our documentation is in the context of the silent/unattended installation. It will use batch files as a reference implementation, but can be used with any scripting language.

This section shows you how to use the command-line utility to install and configure Trust Protection Platform either directly, or via a script (like a batch file).

The general steps for using the command-line utility are listed below. More details about each step can be found via the link provided.

  1. First, download the latest version of Trust Protection Platform as well as any applicable patch. For more information see Downloading the latest version of Venafi Trust Protection Platform.
  2. Create an answer file for configuring the platform settings. For more information see Creating and using answer files.
  3. Create a script for installation and configuration, then add the commands for installing VenafiTPPInstall-24.1.x.msi. For more information see Install the MSI file from the command line.
  4. Update your installation and configuration script to leverage the TppConfiguration.exe utility with your answer file and appropriate switches. For more information see Configure the platform using a script through the command line.
  5. Run your installation and configuration script. For more information see Run script and review response codes.
  6. Repeat this process on each Venafi server in your deployment.