Configuring the Reporting module

The Reporting module generates the Venafi Trust Protection Platform reports as per their designated schedules. For more information on reports, see Managing system reports.

To configure a Reporting module

  1. From the TLS Protect menu bar, click Policy Tree.

    IMPORTANT  You must have the View and Write permissions to the Reporting module in order to configure it.

  2. In the tree drop-down menu, select Platforms.

    The expanded platforms tree shows a list of all the servers that connect to the database.

  3. In the platforms tree, expand a server, then click the Reporting module.
  4. Configure the Reporting object settings, and then click Apply.
  5. Repeat for additional servers that send reports, as necessary.
Reporting Module Configuration Settings



Reporter Module




Disables the Reporting module.

Reports cannot be generated nor can Trust Protection Platform populate the Licensing tab in the Dashboard when the Reporting module is disabled.

SMTP Options

The SMTP settings provide the information Trust Protection Platform requires to mail reports to the recipients designated in the report configuration. For more information, see Managing system reports.

The following options are required to enable the Reporting module.


Hostname or IP address of the SMTP server.

You can append the port number to the host. For example:

If a hostname is specified, only the first resolved address associated with that name is used.


Username credential required to authenticate with the SMTP server.

Configure this option only if SMTP authentication is configured on your SMTP server. Otherwise, all notifications routed through this Channel object will fail.


Name that appears in the From: line for all messages sent from the Reporting module.

Some SMTP servers require this field to be a valid email address. If this is required by your SMTP server, make sure you provide a valid email address, such as


Configures the Reporting module to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to email reports.

Select this option only if your SMTP server is configured to support TLS. Otherwise, all notifications routed through the Reporting module will fail.

Log Delivery

Configures the Reporting module to log an event every time it emails a report. If it successfully emails the report, the driver logs an Report Sent event.

If the notification fails, the driver logs an Report Delivery Error event. To help you troubleshoot the message failure, SMTP Message Failure events provide the exception details returned from the SMTP server.

General Tab


Permissions tab

On the Permissions tab, you select the users or groups to whom you want to grant permissions to the current object. Then, you select which permissions you want the users or groups to have. You can also manage object permissions via parent objects, including the root Platform object or the Trust Protection Platform server object (found in the Platforms tree).

If you configure Permissions in a parent object, those permissions are inherited by all subordinate objects.