Usage Report

The Usage Report contains aggregated usage statistics to help Venafi understand how customers use the product, and to inform future product development decisions.

What types of data does Venafi collect in the Usage Report?

Here are the types of data generated in the Usage Report, organized in columns by Trust Protection Platform features and components:


Customer Experience Improvement Project Options

When you install Venafi Trust Protection Platform, certain telemetry data is collected. This information is used for license compliance, and allows us to collect non-personally identifiable information about how you use the product. In return, you receive push notifications of important events (like software upgrade availability), as well as enhanced in-product help. Venafi uses the data collected through this feature to make product road map decisions.

For more information see the Venafi Data Privacy Policy for Venafi Trust Protection Platform™.

The Usage Report is one way we collect data for the Customer Experience Improvement Project. We also collect data from the browser while users are active in the product. For more information about what other data is collected, please see the above-referenced Privacy Policy document.

To access the report

  • The Usage Report is found in ReportsOpt-in Reports.