What FriendlyName do I use for my CA?

Call POST Credentials/Create or POST Credentials/Update with the appropriate FriendlyName and Values for your CA.

Credentials Name parameters

FriendlyName and CA

Parameters vary, see example

FriendlyName: (none)

CA: Adaptable*

Adaptable CA requires at least one of these credentials: 
UsernamePassword, Password, OR  Certificate.

POST Credentials/Adaptable/Create


CA: AWS Certificate Manager with Amazon local

Example 1: Amazon Local credentials


CA: AWS Certificate Manager with AWS ADFS

Example 2: AWS ADFS credential

FriendlyName: Amazon

CA: AWS Certificate Manager with AWS EC2

Example 3: AWS credential from an EC2 assigned role

FriendlyName: Certificate

CA: Adaptable CA**, Entrust CA Gateway, Entrust Certificate Services*, HydrantID CA, OpenTrust Enterprise PKI Client, Red Hat, RSA

Example 4: Certificate credential

FriendlyName: Google

CAGoogle Cloud CA

Example 5: Google Cloud Private CA credential


CA: Digicert, Adaptable CA**

Example 6: Password credential


CA: Not applicable

Example 7: Private key credential

FriendlyName: UsernamePassword

CA: Adaptable CA**, Entrust Certificate Services*, GlobalSign MSSL, Microsoft, OpenSSL, Sectigo, VikingCloud

Example 8: Username credential

* Entrust Certificate Services requires both Certificate and UsernamePassword credentials.

** Adaptable CA requires at least one of these credentials: UsernamePassword, Password, OR  Certificate.