Installing Trust Protection Platform

Review this overview before you start the Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ installation.

BEST PRACTICE  Before you install Trust Protection Platform 23.3, please review Important Considerations before upgrading Venafi Platform.

To install Venafi Trust Protection Platform

  1. Prepare your network for Trust Protection Platform.

    For specific instructions, see Preparing your environment for the Venafi Platform.

  2. Configure your database and database accounts.

    For more information, see Preparing the database server.

  3. Install Trust Protection Platform.

    For specific instructions, see Installing and Configuring Venafi servers.

  4. Install Trust Protection Platform on additional servers, as needed.
  5. (Recommended) Replace the default self-signed certificate (Venafi Operational Certificate) with a fully trusted end-entity certificate.

    To learn more about the Venafi Operational Certificate, see Securing Trust Protection Platform's web servers.

    To learn how to replace the Venafi Operational Certificate, see Replacing the Venafi Operational Certificate (VOC) with your own CA-signed certificate.

  6. After the installation is complete, see Network and local certificate management configuration overview in the Venafi Trust Protection Platform Certificate Management Guide for an outline of the steps required to configure Trust Protection Platform to manage network and local certificates in your encryption environment.

Carefully review Installing and Configuring Venafi servers before launching the installation process.

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