System requirements for Venafi components

Before installing and using any Venafi product, carefully review Venafi's supported operating system and hardware configurations.

Also, review any additional or special requirements specified in the documentation provided with each product.

NOTE  To view the system requirements for previous releases, visit:

Venafi Trust Protection Platform components

Server Agent

Venafi Certificate Authority Drivers

Certificate Authority integrations are a required component of the TLS Protect, Client Protect, and CodeSign Protect products for any level of automation beyond discovery and expiration monitoring. Verify that your current Certificate Authorities are on the list of supported integrations below. If not, they may be supported by a third party through our Adaptable Framework.

Provisioning (Certificate Installation) Drivers

Agentless Provisioning drivers support the automatic installation of TLS certificates to their host systems and are a feature of TLS Protect that require a Trust Force™ license for each endpoint you install to. Below is a list of natively supported integrations with certificate keystores, applications, cloud services, and enterprise appliances. If your application is not listed, it does not necessarily mean that automatic installation cannot be achieved. For example, provisioning to a Tomcat web server is possible using the Java Keystore driver. Other integrations are possible using the Adaptable Framework through third parties and the Venafi Marketplace. Review the list of what drivers you plan to use as part of your deployment.

Supported browsers and supported vendors, products, and versions

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