POST Codesign/UpdateProjectStatus

Updates CodeSign Protect project status.


  • Permissions:  The caller must be a Code Signing Administrator, or a Owner.
  • Token scope:  Codesign:Manage


  • Content type: Content-Type:application/json.

  • Token: The bearer access token that you received. For example, Authorization:Bearer 4MyGeneratedBearerTknz==. For more information, see Passing a bearer token in your API calls.


Specify either Dn, Guid or Id.

Input parameters




(Optional) The Distinguished Name (DN) of the signing project. Use the appropriate syntax. For example, in Postman: \\VED\\Code Signing\\Projects\\[YourPrjName].


(Optional) The GUID that uniquely identifies the signing project.


(Optional) The signing project identifier.


Required. The new project status change depends on the caller's role and current status. To get the current status, call POST Codesign/GetProject: Specify a status based on the role. For more information, see ProjectStatus object.

  • Owner can change a status from 2, Draft to 0 Disabled.
  • Code Signing Administrator or Key Use Approver can change a status from 0 Disabled to 1 Enabled.


Response description



HTTP 200

For valid requests, this call returns a HTTP 200 message and the following data in the message body:

  • Error: Appears only when Success is false. An error message that accompanies the Result. Check your payload input values.

  • Result: The Result code of this API call. For more information, see Sign Result Codes.

  • Success: The result of this API call: A value of false indicates the request failed due to an Error. Otherwise, true.

HTTP 400

For invalid requests, this call returns HTTP 400 Bad Request and the following data in the message body:

  • error: The reason for the error.
  • error_description: If available, additional information about how to retry the request.

Example: Change a project status to Pending Approval


POST https://codesign.venafi.example/vedsdk/UpdateProjectStatus
Authorization:Bearer 4MyGeneratedBearerTknz==
   "Dn": "\\VED\\Code Signing\\Projects\\APIProjectDraft",
   "ProjectStatus": "3"


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
   "Result": 1,
   "Success": true